3rd-Collegiate Nationals Road Race (D1)

1st-GSU Road Race (A)

1st-Shannon Miller Foundation Nocatee TT (P12)

1st-Florida State TTT Championships (P12)

1st-UF Swamp Classic TTT (A)

1st-FSU Seminole Cycling Classic TTT (A)

2nd-Johnson City Roan Mtn. Road Race (P12)

2nd-Pensacola Cycling Classic TT (P12)

2nd-FSU Seminole Cycling Classic Road Race (A)

2nd-GSU Crit (A)

3rd-Sunbrella Labor Day Omnium Crit (P12)

3rd-Brenner Hospital Crit (P12)

3rd-Florida State TT Championships(P12)

3rd-Union City Mayor’s Race TT (P12)

3rd-UF Swamp Classic Circuit Race (A)

3rd-FSU Seminole Cycling Classic Crit (A)

4th-Johnson City Omnium (P12)

4th-River Gorge Omnium Road Race (P12)

4th-SB&T Albany Race Weekend Prologue (P12)

4th-Union City Mayor’s Race Road Race (P12)

4th-Pensacola Cycling Classic Crit (P12)

5th-Sunbrella Labor Day Omnium TT (P12)

6th-River Gorge Omnium GC (P12)

6th-Johnson City Time Trial (P12)

7th-Collegiate Nationals Omnium (D1)

7th-SB&T Albany Race Weekend Crit (P12)

1st-Shannon Miller Foundation Nocatee Road Race (P12)

8th-Sunbrella Labor Day Omnium GC (P12)

8th-Pensacola Cycling Classic GC (P12)

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