1st-Ocala Stage Race TT (P12)

2nd-Nocatee Road Race (P12)

2nd-PAL Stage Race GC (P12)

2nd-PAL Stage Race Circuit (P12)

2nd-Furman University Road Race (A)

2nd-Florida State Road Race (A)

2nd-UF Swamp Classic TTT (A)

2nd-Georgia Tech Road Race #1 (A)

3rd-Florida State Road Race Championships Age Day (23-29)

3rd-PAL Stage Race Road Race (P12)

3rd-Tour du Life Beech Mountain TT (P12)

3rd-SEC Championship TTT (A)

3rd-Georgia Tech TTT (A)

4th-Nocatee Stage Race GC (P12)

4th-PAL Stage Race TT (P12)

4th-SEC Conference Overall (A)

4th-Georgia Southern TTT (A)

4th-UF Swamp Classic Time Trial (A)

5th-Tour du Life Omnium (P12)

5th-Tour of Atlanta Road Race #2 (P12)

5th-Tour of Atlanta Road Race #3 (P12)

6th-Nocatee TT (P12)

6th-Tour de Tow Crit (P12)

6th-New England Regional/CT State Crit Championships (P12)

6th-Georgia Southern Road Race (A)

7th-Brooksville Cycling Classic Road Race (P12)

8th-Georgia Southern Crit (A)

8th-Florida State Crit (A)

9th-Tour of Atlanta Omnium (P12)

9th-Tour of Atlanta TT (P12)

9th-Tour du Life Road Race (P12)

9th-Tour of Atlanta Road Race #4 (P12)

10th-Nocatee Crit (P12)

11th-SEC Championship Road Race (A)

11th-Furman University Crit (A)

12th-Dade City Road Race (P12)

14th-Tour du Life Crit (P12)

14th-SEC Championship Crit (A)

14th-Georgia Tech Road Race #2 (A)

14th-Tour of Atlanta Road Race #5 (P12)

15th-UF Swamp Classic Crit (A)

22nd-Stuart Crit (P12)

23rd-Ocala Stage Race Road Race (P12)

24th-UF Swamp Classic Crit (P12)

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