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Florida State Crit Championships

10 Apr

Since I’ve been racing a crit-heavy schedule to prep for Joe Martin and Tour of the Gila, I figured the FL state crit champs was worth a go. Brooksville is a fun course with a tough, bumpy brick climb and a lot of bad pavement everywhere. A good classics style crit course, fitting with the World Tour Spring classics happening. A break got up the road early in the 80 min crit, but had a lot of firepower in it. Eventually the break split up after a prieme sprint and half of it came back to us in the field. Since I was flying solo, I was taking big turns at the front to help pull the break back. The Guerciotti and FSA combination really smoothed out the bricks keeping the tires on the ground.



About an hour in, they put out a field prieme and I countered it to get separation from the field. Good thing I had the Giro Synthe for a little aero advantage and Bolle glasses to block out the setting sun.

Crit Chase

Crit Chase

I was able to bridge up to Stephen Perezluha (Isagenix Seasucker) and we worked to try to bring back the remaining two riders, Ruben Campangnioni (Stradalli) and Owen Shott (Velo Brew), up the road. We were unsuccessful as the duo had too big of a lead and I ended up 4th after a long day.

FL State Crit Podium

FL State Crit Podium

Lupus Team Camp 2015

12 Feb

This past weekend, we had our team camp up in Roanoke, VA. It was nice to change up the scenery and weather for a little bit, since I’ve spent the whole off season in Florida. This was the first time we had the whole new team together with all the riders and management in one place. We all rendezvoused at Starlight bikes in Roanoke and had our clothing and equipment distributed.  We are riding Guerciotti frames with Microshift drivetrains, FSA components, and San Marco saddles. On the clothing side, we have Starlight apparel, Giro helmets, and Swiftwick socks.

After getting all the equipment dialed in at the shop it was time for pictures at the Blue 5 restaurant’s White room. Here’s the 2015 Lupus Racing Team UCI squad.

The UCI Team

The UCI Team

The riding at camp was a great change of pace. We had some good weather and plenty of company on the roads. We were based out of Camp Easter Seals in the mountains, and the riding from there was awesome. Rural and plenty of elevation gain. Here’s the whole team UCI and devo together after the last day’s ride.

Team VA

The Whole Team Post Ride

Throughout the week we learned a lot about our sponsors and in particular a bunch of great information about the Lupus disease. If you have any questions about this autoimmune disease and how it affects people, please visit for more information.

All in all it was a great camp and I’m looking forward to a great season with an awesome group of guys! Watch out for the team van at a race near you.

Team Van

Team Van

River Gorge 2014

26 Aug

It has been an up and down season for sure. Started coming on to form using Joe Martin as a prep for Tour of the Gila, but I went down in the big crash on stage one about twenty miles from the first climb of the race. This past weekend, we raced in the Village Volkswagen River Gorge Omnium. The event began with a super fun TT around a reservoir and across the dam retaining the water. Nothing special about my result here, but in the crit later Saturday evening, my teammate Winston lapped up with a group of strong riders and took 2nd in a confusing final lap of the race.

Sunday was the road stage and Winston was sitting pretty well in the overall. He got held up in a crash a mile or so before the first climb. The whole Lupus team held back to help bridge him back to the group right before Sand Mountain, the first climb of the day. The field split over the climb and Winston made the front group. I had to climb my way through the field to make group two on the road, which we eventually caught group one in the rolling hill portion of the course. From here I started covering moves and keeping or group together for Winston’s lead. Closer to the final climb up Raccoon Mountain, a group broke away from the group and I covered it. This group stuck all the way to the climb.  We went back and forth attacking up the slopes, but eventually I got away and was able to hold it to the line. Jonathan Jacob took second and Mark Fisher third.

River Gorge Win

River Gorge Win

I’m stoked to have won on one of my favorite regional climbs of the calendar, especially after the long journey back from crashing out of Gila.


Goal Achieved!

25 Aug

It has been a goal of mine to have an in competition USADA test based on a good result. I finally got to cross this one off the list after the River Gorge Road Race win.

Results Letter

Results Letter

Winston Salem UCI 1.2 Road Race

20 Apr

This Friday, we took part in the Winston-Salem Cycling Classic, a UCI 1.2 road race. Our squad consisted of Jimmy, Winston, Oliver, Buddy, Stephan, Oleg, Igor, myself, and Jan as the Director. The course was hilly and wove through downtown Winston-Salem and the surrounding neighborhoods for 171km. Each of the 15 laps had a 10+% stair stepped climb in it, which did a number on the field. For those who want to watch the race or pieces of it, here is the link.

The race started out fast from the gun with the first 3 or 4 laps seemingly flat out. We were represented at the front with Buddy, Winston, and Jimmy going with a few moves. Jimmy ultimately made a solid break which stayed away for a good portion of the race, but was reeled in eventually.  The winning move of ~20 riders got away after this move and we were out of position to respond to it.

The Climb - I'm 223

The Climb – I’m 233

Winston Salem Climb

Winston Salem Climb


Winston, Oliver, and I went with a few moves at this point, but nothing stuck. Heading into the last lap, I bridged to a chase group after the final climb, through the start/finish line. Here is the clip. I made it to the group, however we were later caught on the fast highway section. The final time up the climb, the remainder of the field shredded and finished in smaller groups, with our top placing being 43rd for the race.  I rolled in with this group at 47th.  Not quite the result I was hoping for, but this was a tough one. Just about half of the 190+ man field didn’t finish. As always I’m grateful to all the team and all the sponsors for making it all possible! Looking forward to the Joe Martin NRC race coming up this Thursday in Arkansas.

San Dimas Stage Race

31 Mar

I’m at 30,000 plus feet in the air right now, heading back to Sarasota, FL. This was a bit of whirlwind trip to California for the San Dimas stage race. I am so grateful to my Lupus Racing Team for giving us the opportunity to come out to the race and for all of the support. My teammates, Winston, Jimmy, and Oliver came out for the race as well.

My Aunt was in town visiting before the race and left a little good luck charm for me.

Going to California

Going to California

The weather was great the whole week. Always a little cooler than the southeast, but a nice break from the heat. We flew into LAX and had host housing with Melissa and her husband, David. A huge thanks to them for opening their home to all of us.

Made It!

Made It!

Always a Welcome Sight

Always a Welcome Sight

After flying in on Wednesday, Jimmy and I took a nice easy spin around the Sunset Loop circuit from the Redlands race. It was nice to see the course again in a much calmer setting. Thursday was the GMR TT recon day. We pre-drove, and then pre-rode the course to get the feeling for the climb again. We had the rental van jam packed the whole week.

GMR Recon

GMR Recon

GMR View

GMR View

Onto the racing. I had a good ride in the uphill TT and finished 36th. A few spots lower than the last year, but still solid.

TT Pain Face

TT Pain Face

The road race was significantly less eventful than the previous year, however the first few laps were still pretty hairy. It’s always odd how the field is coned off to one lane for about 2 or 3 miles. The field always seems too big for the course and that’s what makes things dicey. The field split and came back together a few times through the race, but on the final lap, a break of 10 riders got clear on the final climb. They finished ahead of my group of around 30 riders and the field came in a short time after. This moved me up to 34th on GC. Not a huge jump, but consistent results.

Rear Tire Post Road Race

Rear Tire Post Road Race

I locked up the rear tire in one of the incidents in the first few laps of the road race, and couldn’t get a spare wheel before the crit. I guess this is the price you pay for traveling with tubulars. Needless to say, I didn’t have all that much confidence in my rear tire, so I rode the crit a bit gingerly. It was a wide open, six turn, flowing course which I floated to a field finish. I was same time as the group and moved up another spot on GC to finish the race at 33rd overall. Not too bad of a showing for the first big race of the season. After the race, we got to enjoy the rest of the evening in Redlands. Burritos, a beer, and some Oreos were the rewards for completing the stage race.

I’m now setting my sights on the Joe Martin stage race with the team. It will be another attempt at a tough uphill time trial, and another chance to race with the big teams.

Team Bikes Are In!

10 Feb

I am extremely excited about our new team bikes for the season. We will be on Scott Foil 15s with Ultegra Di2. I’m a little late in getting this post up as I’ve had the bile assembled for a week now and raced it up in Dade City, FL this past weekend. The Foil rides brilliantly, even on the bumpy, chip seal pavement at the race!

It's Here!

It’s Here!



Scott sends these bikes out pretty well assembled. Just a few pieces to bolt on and it was ready to go. Thank you to Chris at Pinnacle Wheel Works for helping with the assembly and dialing in the Di2.

Team Bike Built Up

Team Bike Built Up

A huge thanks to the Lupus Racing Team for supplying such a nice ride for the season!


First Race of the Season

9 Feb

This last weekend I raced in the Historic Dade City race weekend. This was my first event for the Lupus Racing Team (LRT). The event consisted of a rolling road race and a technical, downtown crit. I had my teammate Buddy Spafford racing with me in the cold and rainy road race. After a few good attacks and counters, Buddy finally got into a two man break on the third of four laps. Unfortunately, the big teams were looking to set the race up for a sprint, so the move was reeled in and the rest of the race was controlled to keep attacks at bay. Coming into the final hill and straight away, I made a move to get up into the sprint and ended up taking it to the line with the sprinters for 9th. Not too bad for a climber-type rider.

Fortunately, the weather cleared up for the crit on Sunday. This course is a lot of fun to race with brick sections, a chicane, and a big sweeping corner before the line. With Buddy heading back home to NC the night before, I was left to represent LRT by myself. With the legs opened from the day before, I made a few early moves, but nothing stuck. Right at the half way point, I got up the road with another rider. We stayed away for a few laps, but ultimately were brought back into the fold. With seven laps to go I followed a move and ended up in a three man break. We held this for four laps until we were bridged to by a group of six or seven riders. I held third wheel through the last lap and came out of the final corner in the same position. In the sprint, I was out kicked by two riders to finish in a solid 5th. All in all a good way to kick off the season.

New Team for 2014

3 Jan

I am pleased to announce that I will be racing with the Lupus Racing Team this season. The team is based out of Atlanta, GA and is dedicated to raising awareness of the autoimmune disease and increasing funding through the Lupus Foundation of America. I’m happy to be again racing for a team that supports such an amiable cause and look forward to doing my part in raising awareness, both on and off the bike!

The Atlanta Based Team

The Atlanta Based Team

My First Industry Product

2 Aug

In non-racing news, I have finally made it back down to Florida after a solid month of racing with the team.  While I was away, my first industry products were being made, and we finally got to pick them up today.  I’m stoked with how everything turned out!  I’m now looking forward to the next round of production and the next string of racing.
Hawk Racing Production

Georgia Cycling GP

29 Jul

A little recap from the team:

This past week the United Healthcare of Georgia 706 Project cycling team participated in the Georgia Cycling GP. This race was an omnium over 5 days with 6 stages.

The first stage was a 50 mile circuit race on the 2.5 mile hilly Road Atlanta Circuit. Attacks started from the gun and never stopped. After about a half hour of racing a 10 man break formed that included Shawn Gravois, Winston David, and Alexey Schmidt. The group worked together well for a while With about 15 miles to go the break started attacking itself and Shawn and Alexey made a front group of 6. With 2 miles to go this group splintered to 4 riders with Shawn making the selection. With 1 mile to go Shawn attacked, but was caught by the other riders. Thomas Brown took the win over Calixto Bello and Mike Stone. Shawn rolled home in 4th, Alexey was 5th, and Winston beat his group for 7th.
Stage 2 was a 60 mile circuit race on a 3 mile circuit. This race also started with attacks from the gun. A similar situation happened to the previous day. About 30 miles in a front group formed with Shawn Gravois, Winston David, Mike Stone, and Calixto Bello. During the last 6 miles of the race David and Gravois tried to tag team the other two riders but could not shake them. Heading into the final kilometer all the riders started looking at each other for the sprint. Gravois lead out the sprint. Calixto Bello passed him for first, Mike Stone came in second, and Winston David came in third.
Stage 3 was a 70 mile road race on a 10 mile rolling circuit. Calixto Bello attacked at kilometer zero and a 10 man group formed that contained 706 Project teammate David Goodman. This move got a maximum gap of 2 minutes. With 40 miles to go Team Novo Nordisk started setting pace on the front. With 20 miles to go the entire breakaway was caught except Calixto Bello. With 15 miles to go Mike Stone attacked with a Novo Nordisk rider. Winston David bridged the gap but skipped pulls in order to protect Shawn’s omnium position. David, Stone, and the Novo Nordisk rider came close to Bello but couldn’t close the gap. With 2 kilometers to go Gravois bridged up to the second group. With 1 k to go he got a gap but Mike Stone closed it. A Novo Nordisk rider led out the sprint but Stone and David came by him for 2nd and 3rd respectively. Gravois came home in 5th.
Stage 4 was an 8 mile time trial on rolling terrain. David and Gravois put in solid times of 16:32 and 16:41 respectively to take 1st and 2nd over Oleg Tanovitchi who rode a 17:20.
Stage 5 was a flat 6 turn 90 minute night time criterium in Covington Georgia. The team wanted to possibly help Gravois and David get into the overall lead but the main objective was to win the crit. Mike Stone was all over Gravois and David and would not let them get up the road. After 30 minutes of racing Andy Scarano, Daniel Holt, and Brendan Cornett were able to slip away into a move of 10 riders. With about 30 minutes to race they took a lap. David, Gravois, David Goodman and Alexey Schmidt patrolled the front to neutralized attacks and set pace. No riders were allowed to slip away and the United Healthcare of Georgia/ 706 Project was able to take a 1,2,3 with Daniel Holt, Brendan Cornett, and Andy Scarano. It was a great team effort.
The final stage was a 50 mile circuit race that consisted of 25 laps on a relatively flat 2 mile circuit. David and Gravois attacked a lot early in the race but the Lupus team of Mike Stone would not let them get a gap and gradually 2 or 3 riders would slip up the road. These groups of 2 riders eventually became 25 with a large gap. The 706 Project got David Goodman and Andy Scarano in the break. David and Gravois sat in the field all race because any of their attacks were neutralized and all omnium points were up the road. Scarano finished the stage in 11th place. After the final stage David and Gravois finished the omnium in third and 4th place respectively.

Bumpy Road to Nationals

30 Jun



One of these wheels shouldn’t be in the car. Picked up a nice little nail in North Carolina. Good luck finding an open tire shop, in a small town, on Sunday. This put me a day behind, but I’m rendezvousing with the team in Dayton, Ohio tonight.

Johnson City Omnium (Roan Groan)

10 Jun

This past weekend we again had split squads racing at Tulsa Tough, the SC State Road Race and the Johnson City Omnium. In Johnson City, we had a small squad, consisting of Andy Scarano, Max Robb, and Myself. Sully wasn’t able to make it to the race after being sick all week. The Johnson City Omnium is a tough race with the road race finishing on a 7 mile climb, a hilly time trial, and a tight technical crit.

The road race started aggressively with a flurry of attacks within the first five miles. Andy rode into a break with some of the stronger riders in the field in the first hilly section of the course. This was the winning break that stayed away for the remainder of the race. The field was still motivated and attacks to bridge kept coming, which held the break within two minutes. I attacked with Brian Sheedy and Nick Jowsey and we were able to bridge up to the break on the final highway segment before the climb. The break all started the climb together and it slowly split up on the slopes. Jimmy Schurman (Champion System p/b Stan’s NoTubes) got away from me on the climb for the win. I took second for the second year in a row and Andy rode strong up the climb after being in the break all day for 6th. Max had a solid finishing climb to finish with the field. The Raleigh bikes handled the climb well, being both light and stiff, especially with the complete Thomson cockpits and Masterpiece seatposts.

Blue Plum Criterium  Dave Boyd/Johnson City Press 27 wins and 9 wins overall

In the time trial, Brian Sheedy took the win and I again took second by less than a second. I now had the overall lead in the omnium heading into the downtown crit. The tight, technical crit started off quickly. Andy and I moved to the front with a light rain beginning to fall. About twenty minutes in, it started to downpour, making the course super slick and causing several crashes. The Kenda Tires hooked up well in the rain on our Industry Nine race wheels. I was able to make the split of six riders off the front, including Sheedy, who was sitting in second in the omnium. Our break lapped the field with seven laps remaining, and despite several attacks, it came down to a field sprint. Chris Uberti (UCI CT: Team SmartStop p/b Mountain) took the win and I sprinted to 5th and Andy took 11th. I held enough points to win the overall GC over Sheedy and Uberti. Andy finished the omnium in a solid 7th. Another great weekend of racing for the team! Here’s a link to the local paper’s write-up of the race.


National Star Wars day

4 May

Got a new set of the Stormtroopered out Kenda Kaliente Pros to celebrate the day. Thanks Kenda Tire!


Stormtroopered out

Team kits are in!

29 Apr

The team kits by Primal arrived today! The design is simple and classy, and it ties in well with our black Raleigh bikes and red Garneau helmets.


Primal Kits

These things look awesome and are hands down the best fitting kits I have ever ridden in. I am a huge fan of the bibs, especially because they don’t have  a rubber leg gripper. This fabric bottom is way more comfortable and the legs still don’t ride up. The jerseys fit my body well too and have the right length sleeves. I’m stoked to have a team kit that fits this well.


United Healthcare of Georgia p/b the 706 Project Jersey

It’s Official

3 Jan

I’m pleased to announce that I will be racing for United Healthcare of Georgia p/b the 706 Project for the 2013 season. We should have a strong team to be competitive in both the NCC and NRC calendars! I’m looking forward to the upcoming season.

Collegiate Nationals 2012

7 May

Well, I’m over 10,000 ft in the air, and the captain said it was safe to use my laptop now. I’m flying home from Utah after a great weekend of racing at Collegiate Nationals.

This year’s Collegiate Nationals went well for Team Florida (UF). Neal Shepherd and I flew out to Ogden, UT after our final exams Friday afternoon. We got in a bit late, but we got to sleep in, since the Division 1 crit was in the afternoon on the following day.  The D1 crit was 75 minutes and was full throttle the whole time, but we held our positions well.  We went with a few moves, but nothing stuck and the race ended up coming down to a field sprint.  Neal made a gutsy move with two laps to go to move into the top fifteen or so positions. He held his position throughout the last lap and finished a solid sixteenth. This is a good result for Neal’s freshman season with the team.

Sunday was the day of the D1 road race. This was the event that I had been looking forward to all season, mainly because the race finished with a beyond category climb. The drive to the road race was a bit hectic. At first, the main road to the race parking was closed and the other way around the mountains was the race course. We ended up behind the women’s race on the final climb and followed the race caravan to the finish. To have some fun on the climb, we put the rental Exlorer in “cactus mode” and drove part of the climb with half the wheels on the dirt just to, in the words of Victor, “do some truck stuff.”

Cactus Mode

We made it to the race on time after  taking an interesting detour around the canyon, because the road that lead directly to the start was closed. Neal again got the call up in the road race, because of his SECCC omnium success. The race started out more animated than expected, and a break of ten riders got up the road in the first ten miles of the race. At the beginning of the second lap, a chase group of eight got up the road. Neal and I missed both of these moves, but they were only holding a two minute gap on us in the filed.  We went with a few chase groups, but nothing stuck until I got away with three other riders in the second chase  group on the final lap. We eventually crossed the gap to the first chase group, and then a few riders and I bridged to the lead group. Our group of about twelve at the time began the climb and eventually the group whittled down to two riders and me. The first rider from Colorado went over the climb twenty seconds ahead of me and the other rider went over just ten seconds ahead. Due to the strong tailwind, none of us were able to gain on one the others and we finished in the same order as we crested the climb. This was a great result for me and the team.

D1 Mens Collegiate Nationals Podium

Back in the field, Neal was looking to make up spots on the climb. Unfortunately, half way up it his crank arm came loose, which made his bike unrideable.  Neal actually ran for a mile or two until he got serviced and his cranks were tightened. This setback took him out of contention, but being a trooper he still finished the race. We had great showings at both races this year, and I was able to land a spot on the podium. I’m glad we were able to represent Team Florida, the University of Florida, and all of our sponsors so well. Big thanks to Team Athletix benefiting Globalbike and Clementine Bikes for providing me with a great bike to race this season, and to Boyd Cycling for the tubular 58’s that got me through the flat circuits and over the final climb.

I’m looking forward to some time at home with my family now that the semester has finished. I then plan to head up to stay and train with Bobby Sweeting in Asheville. This should be great training leading up to Elite Nationals and the remainder of the NRC calendar.

The State TT

9 Oct

With the end of my racing season in sight, I was using the state TT as motivation to keep riding until I could take my time off at the end of the season. I’ve been riding my TT bike for the past two weeks to prepare for the event, but with a bit of bad luck, I crashed in the rain on Thursday, two days before the TT. I ended up breaking the left bar end extension off my bike. A few nice bruises and some road rash added injury to the embarrassment of sliding out in the rain.


The Aftermath of Thursday's Crash


The Friday Fix


JB Welded

Still wanting to do the time trial, I went to the hardware store and bought a 1/2 inch bolt to JB Weld inside the broken aerobar to mend it. I wouldn’t recommend this, but I didn’t have the motivation to track down another set of aerobars and completely recable my bike Friday night. The fix worked, but my body didn’t. Just couldn’t put out the power with stiff legs, but still managed 5th. I’m now going to take my time off to let the body heal and to prep for the off-season.

Late Season Racing

21 Sep

The racing season down here in Florida is still going strong, but I’m looking forward to the off-season, since racing began in February.  The FL season goes through the end of October, but we’ll have to see if the legs and motivation can hold on for that long.

I raced the Ocala stage race this past weekend along with Winston David, my friend and Globalbike teammate. The racing went well  for us. I made a break of six riders about five miles into the 65 mile road race on Saturday. We ended up putting five minutes on the field by the end of the race. Our group came down to a sprint, where I took fourth with a well timed bike throw at the line. We had a five mile time trial later that day.  My legs were feeling it from the all day break, but I was able to finish third in the TT and put fifteen seconds into the next rider from the break. The TT put me in the overall lead. Winston had the fastest time of the day and won the TT.

Ocala TT Podium

We cut it pretty close on Sunday arriving at the course at 11 am. We thought the race started at noon, but it was actually scheduled to start at 11:30 am. Fortunately the race was delayed, so we had plenty of time to get ready before the start. I guess this is why you should actually read the race fliers prior to the events. After being in the break all day Saturday, I was hoping to chill in the field for a bit before looking to get away with moves, but I had no such luck. The break went early again and we spent four of the five laps away in a ten man break. After several attacks and counters, I ended up attacking on the biggest hill toward the end of the final lap. I opened a nice gap on the rest of the break and soloed in for the win, thus securing the overall.

That was me giving a high five after winning the road race.

Ocala Stage Race Podium

This was another good weekend of  late seasonracing. I’m looking forward to the off-season after a long season of racing, but we still have a few more weeks left. This coming weekend is the Team Florida cemetery time trial. I like to use this to gauge my form throughout the seasons, and I’m hoping to set a good time after working on my TT position with Bobby Sweeting up in CT.

Training and Toona

13 Jul

Well, I’ve spent the past two weeks up in the Northeast. The first week up at Bobby’s in CT and the second at the Tour de Toona in PA. I made the sixteen hour drive from Augusta to Connecticut the day after elite nats. Bobby and I had some awesome training rides together up there in the hills.  When we weren’t riding I spent the good portion of my day chillin’ with Allie, as you can see.


After a good week of riding and hanging out, I made my way over to Altoona to meet up with my teammates.  We had a nice host family and they let us have a huge basement to ourselves. I was looking forward to testing my climbing legs in an NRC race after having a few good climbs at previous races. The first road stage ended on the top of Blue Knob. A break went early and had roughly three minutes on us in the field going into the final climb. I started a bit further back than I had hoped, but I was able to climb past all of the riders from the field, except Baldwin. I was even able to catch two of the riders from the six man break to finish 5th on the stage.  After this stage, Mike’s unofficial team car (notice the Globalbike stickers) was bumped up to number 4 in the race caravan.


After a day off and an intense air hockey game between Winston and Zac, we had another road stage. This race was sketchy from the start with a few bad crashes early. Unfortunately, Mike got caught up in one of these early crashes. Things eventually cooled off until we hit the climb in the middle of the race.  I pinch flatted right at the base of the Blue Knob climb. This took me off the back of the caravan, where I got a neutral SRAM wheel and had my work cut out. I climbed my way back up through the race caravan and then the main part of the field. I could see the yellow jersey group, lead by Pure Black racing, up the road and knew I had to climb to it to stay in the GC. I was able to make contact with this group just before the gravel section near the top of the climb. I remained in this group for the duration of the race and ended up with same time, just a few seconds behind the break that went at the base of the climb.  I lost a few seconds in the crit after getting caught behind a field split on the final lap and ended up 8th in the GC. Not too bad for one of my first few NRC races.

Big thanks to Globalbike and the team for making Toona and the upcoming Cascade work out.  Thanks to Zac and Kyle for being our soigners/mechanics during the race. Now I’m looking forward to flying out to the Cascade Cycling Classic. Thanks to Simon for setting this trip up.

Roan Groan Race and More

6 Jun

Here’s a quick overview of the past few weeks. I got back into town after a two week race trip with Winston David to the Tour of Atlanta (ToA) and the People’s Community Bank Omnium, also know as the Roan Groan Race.  We stayed with our teammate Mike Lanham during the three day ToA series and got in four days of racing.  Winston made the breaks in both crits and ended up third in each.  After the ToA, Winston and I headed up to my family’s cabin in the Smokey Mountains to get in a good block of training before Elite Nationals. We had to drive down to Franklin, NC to do our recovery rides, since we didn’t bring a trainer with us.

Prepping the bikes for Roan Groan Omnium

After our week in the mountains, Winston and I met up with the rest of the Globalbike team in Johnson City, TN for the Roan Groan omnium.   I had been looking forward tot the road race, because it ended with an eight mile climb up the 55oo foot high Roan mountain. The team did a good job of keeping the race together until the base of the climb, where they dropped me off to go with the other climbers. I was able to finish 5th up Roan mountain and eventually 7th in the omnium.

Roan Mt. Finish

I’m now looking forward to spending some time at home with family and friends until Elite Nats, where I’ll be racing with the team again.

Spring Break Trip and Racing

16 Mar

Well I’ve finally had some time to catch up after a great spring break trip.  The trip started two weekends ago when Nat, Kyle, Nat’s puppy Emma, and I all piled into Nat’s car along with all of our gear and three race wheelsets.  We started the break by racing the SB&T Albany race weekend put on by Swagger. As usual we had a cold and rainy weekend with the downtown crit on Saturday and a nice long road race on Sunday. Many of the usual Georgia teams were present at the race along with some familiar faces from Florida and most of the Realcyclist team. I managed to finish 11th in the crit despite slipping and sliding through several corners. Realcyclist split the field early in the hundred plus mile road race with me bridging up to the lead group shortly after it was established. Tommy Nankervis and Frank Travieso got away early and finally with around twenty-five miles to go Oscar Clark and I got away from the split to finish third and fourth with myself taking 4th.

Racing in Albany

After leaving Albany, GA we headed to my cabin in Highlands, NC as has been the norm for the past two years. Fortunately this year we had running water because the water pump had been replaced since the last trip. However, it took a while for the water heater to heat the water for showers, so we drove to town to shower. It had been 48 hours since we last raced in Albany, and we were still dirty from the race. Unfortunately, the community center that we had showered at last year was closed for a special event, so we were out of luck. We next tried the fire station around the block, but it was a volunteer station, so no one was there. Nat, however, got on the phone and called around and finally got in touch with a lady who was in charge of an historic inn in Highlands. She let us use the shower in an vacant room, which was incredibly nice and made us all feel human again. The highs were in the low 50s each day, but the riding was awesome as always. It seemed like each ride was fueled by bacon in the morning and either enchiladas and margaritas from Mi Casa or barbecue. We had nice long rides each day and climbed several mountains. It actually snowed on us during one of the longer climbs on our ride Thursday.  It’s always nice to test the climbing legs in the Smokey Mountains and get away from the flats of Florida.

My Cabin

After the week of training in the mountains we loaded up again and drove to Newnan, GA for the Georgia Tech collegiate race weekend.  We lucked out this year, because this race weekend is infamous for being freezing cold and rainy, however we had clear skies and relatively warm weather both days. David, the Kyles and I managed 2nd in the team time trial on Saturday morning. We had a few hours to recover from our morning effort before the road race.  After the neutral rollout, there were a few attacks to which a group of us countered and got away. We rolled it for the rest of the race and whittled the break group down to two LMC riders, Brian Sheedy and Nathan Larson, and myself. I made a dig on one of the climbs and ended up soloing the last twelve miles of the race to take the win. Kyle took sixth to add to our point total for the weekend. On a strange note, the night before each race we ate at Tacomac and I had a stout with dinner. Afterwards we went to Publix and I got a mini cup of Ben and Jerry’s, a York peppermint patty, and a few chocolate chip cookies. This is an odd combination, but it seemed to be the right snacks for success this weekend. I just hope I don’t have to keep this up to do well in the future.

Sunday was another road race and as before an attack came early and stayed away for the first lap of the eleven mile course. Once this break was captured more attacks came and finally I got away and was joined by two riders, one from Clemson and one from Cumberland. We were eventually joined by Andy Baker (Furman) and Bradford Perley (LMC). The break eventually split up with Baker, Perley, and me forging ahead. The race came down to a sprint after dodging a van that pulled out in front of us just before the final turn. Perley took the win with me taking second and Baker rounding off the podium.  After the races, we drove back to Gainesville, FL thoroughly exhausted from a long week of training and racing. I caught up on my homework and took my last midterm today, and now I am enjoying a much needed recovery week before I get back to training.

The New Whip

19 Feb

I finally got my Boyd Bikes team bike built up this week and finally got around to posting pics. It took longer than expected as I had to install parts around my class, homework, and exam schedules.  I can’t wait to race it now!

The Before:

The After:


Race Mode: