SB&T Albany Crit Win

29 May

This past weekend we had squads racing across the country. I raced the SB&T Albany race weekend. This was the first race of the SRS series and there were good turnouts for the races, with around 75 riders in each field. The weekend began with the 75 min. downtown Albany crit. Our team consisted of Brendan Cornett, Winston David, Max Robb, and myself.

The race started off a little on the slower side, so I put in a solo move on the second lap. I was reeled in three laps later. Once the field was all back together, the attacks started. We had at least on rider represented in every move and about half way through the race, I got away in a group of six racers. This was to be the winning move, despite the gap dropping to within ten seconds at one point. Winston and Brendan worked to shut down the field to help us stay away. With three laps to go, I attacked the break, but was caught half a lap later, so I went again with two laps to go. This time I was able to hold of the chasing break and take the win ahead of Andy Crater (Finish Strong) and Oleg Tanovitchi (Iron Data).

Shawn Finish

On Sunday, we had an early morning road race of 91 miles. Team Finish Strong went to the front and proceeded to control the race for the first two laps of the three. The we put in a few moves, but nothing was sticking, so we held off for the final lap. After the final KOM, the we started attacking and countering each move. Nothing stuck, however, so the we had to gear up for the field sprint. There was a big crash with 1 km to go, but the team all managed to avoid it and Brendan sprinted to a solid 6th place and Winston took 8th. All in all we raced great together and I got to pop bottles on the podium.

Shawn Podium

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