Foothills Road Race

24 Apr

The morning after the Sunny King crit we raced in the Foothills Road Race in Alabama. This was a 68 mile race along rolling roads with a few good climbs mixed in. I covered the early moves and eventually made it into a break of twelve riders that went on the first longer climb of the day. The break mostly consisted of four Team SmartStop p/b Mountain Khakis riders and five Team Predator riders, with myself and a few others rounding out the dozen.

About half way through the race, our break was reeled in and then counter attacks started. We took turns attacking on the midway climb with my teammates Sully, Winston,  Andy, and Dan being active players. Over the top of the climb, Winston went with a small group of riders and I bridged up to have two riders in the eight man move. We got the gap up to two minutes on the field, where it remained for the remainder of the race. With 8 miles go go, Winston and I took turns attacking the break, but the other riders were motivated to keep it together. With 5 miles remaining, we hit the final climb of the day where Sergio Hernandez (Team Predator) attacked at the base. Ryan Aitcheson (Astellas Oncology) and I bridged to him on the climb and the three of us rolled away. We rotated hard with the block tailwind and managed to stay away from the second half of the break. With 600 meters to go, my group of three was still together and I jumped, but was caught just before the line for 3rd, behind Sergio and Ryan. Winston took 7th and Andy Scarano finished 12th. We raced well as a team with everyone working together. Sadly, there was no podium for pictures.

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