Spring Break 2012

10 Mar

Spring break began as it traditionally has with the SB&T race weekend in Albany, Ga. We had a cool, rainy race weekend for the prologue and crit, and then a nice day for the road race. I christened my new Hincapie long sleeve skinsuit  with a 4th in the twisty 2 mile prologue. Made the break in the rainy crit and ended up 7th.  The road race started off well with me bridging up to the early break of favorites on the first lap. Unfortunately, our break was caught and when the attacks started up again, I stood up to sprint and felt my rear rim hit the ground. I ended up flatting out of the race after a long wheel change.  After leaving the course I drove up to my Family’s cabin in Highlands, NC to train in the mountains as per usual.

The Cabin

Porch View

What a difference a change in latitude and altitude makes. I went from the warm sunny South to the cool mountains in a few hours on the road. It was odd to see icicles this late in the season, but it’s still a cool sight to see on a ride.


I got in two good days of riding in the Smokey Mountains before I headed over to Asheville to help Bobby and Lindsay move into their new apartment. Bobby and I had some good hard rides in the mountains near Asheville, and we also got a good workout from unloading the biggest U-Haul truck available.  Fortunately, my team manager Josh came over to help us unload the truck. His help made the unload a lot quicker and easier than in would have been. After a fun week away from school, I’m now back in Gainesville preparing for class on Monday.

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