The State TT

9 Oct

With the end of my racing season in sight, I was using the state TT as motivation to keep riding until I could take my time off at the end of the season. I’ve been riding my TT bike for the past two weeks to prepare for the event, but with a bit of bad luck, I crashed in the rain on Thursday, two days before the TT. I ended up breaking the left bar end extension off my bike. A few nice bruises and some road rash added injury to the embarrassment of sliding out in the rain.


The Aftermath of Thursday's Crash


The Friday Fix


JB Welded

Still wanting to do the time trial, I went to the hardware store and bought a 1/2 inch bolt to JB Weld inside the broken aerobar to mend it. I wouldn’t recommend this, but I didn’t have the motivation to track down another set of aerobars and completely recable my bike Friday night. The fix worked, but my body didn’t. Just couldn’t put out the power with stiff legs, but still managed 5th. I’m now going to take my time off to let the body heal and to prep for the off-season.

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