Late Season Racing

21 Sep

The racing season down here in Florida is still going strong, but I’m looking forward to the off-season, since racing began in February.  The FL season goes through the end of October, but we’ll have to see if the legs and motivation can hold on for that long.

I raced the Ocala stage race this past weekend along with Winston David, my friend and Globalbike teammate. The racing went well  for us. I made a break of six riders about five miles into the 65 mile road race on Saturday. We ended up putting five minutes on the field by the end of the race. Our group came down to a sprint, where I took fourth with a well timed bike throw at the line. We had a five mile time trial later that day.  My legs were feeling it from the all day break, but I was able to finish third in the TT and put fifteen seconds into the next rider from the break. The TT put me in the overall lead. Winston had the fastest time of the day and won the TT.

Ocala TT Podium

We cut it pretty close on Sunday arriving at the course at 11 am. We thought the race started at noon, but it was actually scheduled to start at 11:30 am. Fortunately the race was delayed, so we had plenty of time to get ready before the start. I guess this is why you should actually read the race fliers prior to the events. After being in the break all day Saturday, I was hoping to chill in the field for a bit before looking to get away with moves, but I had no such luck. The break went early again and we spent four of the five laps away in a ten man break. After several attacks and counters, I ended up attacking on the biggest hill toward the end of the final lap. I opened a nice gap on the rest of the break and soloed in for the win, thus securing the overall.

That was me giving a high five after winning the road race.

Ocala Stage Race Podium

This was another good weekend of  late seasonracing. I’m looking forward to the off-season after a long season of racing, but we still have a few more weeks left. This coming weekend is the Team Florida cemetery time trial. I like to use this to gauge my form throughout the seasons, and I’m hoping to set a good time after working on my TT position with Bobby Sweeting up in CT.

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